Chase Side Primary School

Our Staff


The staff at Chase Side are dedicated to ensuring that every child enjoys their time at our school, that they are safe and they develop as individuals who are thoughtful global, national and local citizens. To make this a reality takes a great deal of hard work - not just in supporting the learning each day, but in developing the curriculum, devising new and interesting ways of providing meaningful links, marking, on-going training and even ensuring the environment of the school is the best it could be for learning.


Every member of staff, including teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, our site supervisor, play leaders, catering staff, cleaners and other leaders within our school, plays an important part in the success of the school and is valued for their contribution. Chase Side is committed to ensuring all our staff are supported in their continuing professional development for the benfit of each and every child.


In line with our values, we expect staff to treat children, parents and visitors with respect but we also insist that respect is mutual. We will not tolerate any behaviour that can be interpreted as abuse, verbal or physical, toward any member of staff within or outside the school grounds.